The Essence of Landscape Design

Walt Cudnohufsky

Walter Cudnohufsky

Apr 28-30, 2006 Rowe Camp & Conference Center, Rowe, MA

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This fast paced, information packed clinic will focus on an orderly process for and the basic principles of landscape design, both residential and commercial. Having taught for over thirty years, Walt has an uncanny ability to distill into common, quickly grasped language the relevant guides to functional, aesthetically pleasing, and often innovative design. Amateurs and professionals alike are encouraged to come and participate in the interactive design process.

Expect to find ways to assess designs and to understand your personal reactions to designed and natural landscape features. Answer the question, “Why do I gravitate toward and appreciate this place and recoil from that place?” Identify and apply twenty basic design principles. Learn a shorthand means of describing any landscape. Learn the basic means to achieve building site “fit.” Share your perceptions with others. View numerous stimulating designs produced by Walter’s award winning firm. And we guarantee you will have a lot of fun!

We’ll use select participants’ home sites as opportunities for doing a spontaneous problem-solving exercise. (Contact us if you wish to offer your site as an example.) On Saturday, we’ll take an all day field trip to several sites, including two or three of the participants’ homes, the Rowe Conference Center site, and Walt’s own gardens in Ashfield. We’ll have a session with examples of the built design process and we’ll do a shared design exercise either at or near Rowe Camp.

Walter Cudnohufsky is a dedicated and stimulating teacher who believes in and practices participatory education. His interest in analysis, concept development, and design process led him to found the nationally recognized graduate program at the Conway School of Landscape Design in 1972, which he directed for 20 years. Currently his firm of six people is engaged in projects from modest homes to grand estates, from master plans for campuses and institutions to land conservation. He is a capable and engaging facilitator and a regular speaker and workshop leader at regional and national forums. He is also a fine artist. We’re honored to welcome his return to Rowe.