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What is a Landscape Architect?

A Landscape Architect (RLA) is a registered or licensed professional who has completed extensive education, apprenticeship and taken a comprehensive examination. WCA holds registration in Conneticut and Massachusetts.

What is a Landscape Architect qualified to do?

Landscape architects are qualified to design and professionally stamp construction plans and details including:
• Site plans
• Drainage and earth grading
• Planting
• Irrigation
• Lighting plans

What does a Landscape Architect do?

We prepare schematic design and design development drawings, leading to construction documents & specifications. We often manage local project approvals, and regularly assist in bidding management and construction inspection services. WCA represents client interests from initiation to successful project completion.

Why engage the services of a Landscape Architect?

We live in a world where correcting an unnecessary stone wall, or a drive that is poorly located or a terrace that is too large can equate to or exceed the cumulative fees a landscape architect may charge. For this reason and more, landscape architects are essential to the client and project.