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Recent Projects

Mishkin   Lake Street

A clustered pool house and screen room entice the swimmer to stay a while in this woodland retreat.


Affordable townhouses were clustered to protect large stands of trees in this Martha’s Vineyard development, designed in collaboration with LDA architects and Island Housing Trust

Before   After
Before   After
Small yet lush gardens make a significant difference at this renovated Stockbridge home.
The COOP   Affordable Housing

Revised vehicular circulation will make efficient use of parking while increasing garden and sale space at this Greenfield, MA cooperative market.


Affordable housing is tightly clustered in this attractive Martha’s Vineyard project.

Arky   Cave

Simple native and ornamental plantings integrate this modern home into its woodland setting.


This Pioneer Valley net-zero home will reduce its carbon footprint further with low-maintenance fescue lawns and meadow areas.

Berry Waterfall   Formal Gardens

Berkshire County home takes advantage of stone and native plants to create this naturalized waterfall.


Formal gardens embrace this home, while a more naturalized stairway invites residents to the lakefront.

Stunning View   Patio

The best design doesn’t compete with a stunning setting.


… Within the sunken patio, a rich plant palette is adapted to the sunny, dry site.

Memorial Wall   Berkshire Botanical Garden

The memorial wall and garden were designed to provide a quiet place for reflection while guiding movement through the church yard.


The entry garden at Berkshire Botanical Garden enlivens the parking area and leads patrons to the Visitors Center.